Steelhead Fishing

Columbia River Steelhead Fishing Guides!

Guided Fishing Trips 300x171 Steelhead FishingColumbia River Fishing Guides provides Steelhead  Fishing Trips in Oregon and Washington.

These are the most acrobatic and aggressive fish in our rivers providing a very exciting fishing experience.

Numerous jumps and runs are common while they are hooked. These Steelhead are fighters and getting them hooked is an experience you won’t forget. This is high energy, fast action Steelhead Fishing.

Our average daily catch is 4 to 8 Steelhead.

Cowlitz River Steelhead

The Cowlitz River is hard to beat, with the very best winter steelhead run in the entire state.

The Cowlitz River is a river in the state of Washington and a  tributary of the Columbia River. It drains a large region including the slopes of Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, and Mount St. Helens before running into the Columbia River.

When the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery began operation in 1968, it was the largest salmon hatchery in the world. Currently, it produces nearly 13 million fish each year. Adjacent to the salmon hatchery is the barrier dam, which diverts spawning and upriver migrating fish to a separating station where fish are sorted by species. Some of the fish are used by the hatchery while others are transported upstream to continue migration.  This fish hatchery makes the Cowlitz River a desirable location for catching steelhead.

Lewis River Steelhead

Fishing for Coho Salmon, Silvers, Chinook Salmon and Fall Chinook and the hard fighting Steelhead during peak times of the year can really produce some hot action so book your trip early for the best times.

Summer run steelhead is the best run in the whole state of Washington on the Lewis River. Then, just as the summer steelhead run starts to slow in early August, the huge fall chinook salmon enter the Lewis River. These fall Chinook run through November. Then in December, the winter steelhead start running, and these winter beasts are some of the largest steelhead anywhere.