Columbia River Sturgeon (May – June)

Columbia River Fishing Guides

Columbia River Fishing Guides provides Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Trips in Oregon and Washington.

columbia river fishing 02 Columbia River Sturgeon (May   June)The Columbia River has some of the best fishing in the world. It has  the very best sturgeon fishing in the world.  White Sturgeon are fresh water fish, and the largest fish found within North America.  They are very long lived ~ some call them prehistoric fish.  They can weigh over 1500 lbs, get to be 20 feet in length, and well over 100 years old.

This river offers year round sturgeon fishing. For keeper sturgeon, we fish down at Buoy 10 in Astoria, Oregon. These saltwater sturgeon are some of the best eating sturgeon.

For trophy sturgeon, we fish up at the Boneville Dam when the shad start running. We start by catching the shad to use as bait. We’ll catch 40 to 60 shad in the first hour using light tackle gear. We then move into the deeper water using heavy gear and whole shads for bait. Using this method guarantees you the biggest fish of a lifetime.

We fish the Columbia River and its tributaries all the way from Bonneville Dam to Buoy 10 near Astoria Oregon where the Columbia flows into the Pacific Ocean.